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Eat & Drink
Recipe Book Campaign

The Red & Black Publishing Co.

Tote Bag and Cover Design | Fall 2021

When I first joined the Red & Black as
a designer, I was tasked with helping create
a special edition recipe book that celebrated
the local culinary spirit of Athens, GA. This included illustrations and a revamp of the Eat & Drink logo used by The Red & Black.

I was in charge of illustrations. My Creative Services Manager, Brandon Dudley, designed the layout for each recipe. 

Ultimately, we covered
40 local eateries!

Tools used: Illustrator, InDesign, iPad


Appealing to Athens

The Red & Black Publishing Co. is a newspaper company primarily run
by students. We wanted to create something that appealed to both students and locals.

For this reason, I proposed a tote bag since it is both trendy and functional; the cover design was used as a graphic.




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