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UX/UI Application Design

Digital Platforms 
ARGD 4090 | Spring 2022

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In this class we explored the principles of design applied to user interfaces. Our final project was to design an application of our choice. It would be better if the application solved or assisted the user in some sort of way.

Grimoire is an application designed to help a D&D player navigate the complex system of the game and keep track of important information with ease. This is especially done for those who choose to be spell casters; the game has a crazy amount of spells available with numerous restrictions / rules.

I personally played D&D as a spell caster and experienced how complex the spell system was. Using this frustration as my inspiration, I came up with this design!

Tools used: Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop

Disclaimer: Most illustrations were not created by me, but are used as placeholders. I am aware that this cannot be used commercially.


The D&D player base.
New and returning players.
30-50 year old users.
Color-blind prone individuals.

The Wizards of the Coast reported that the D&D player base has become much more diverse in recent years.

Historically, it was older white men.

To create a universally functional design, I designed for the most marginalized community within the diverse player base;
those who were most likely affected by small text size and color blindness.

So what does the app do?



Create or import an existing character you've played with and keep track of their statistics, attributes, and spell macros. All characters have their own unique profiles.

No more stat mix-ups!



No need to open up the Player's Handbook -- all the spells listed are already preloaded into Grimoire. Edit and find spells easily with the search bar and filter system. Create new macros specialized for
different situations, hassle-free!



Need a second opinion or want to show off your new spell kit? Access the online community forums for tips, tricks, and general discussion about being a spell caster in D&D 5e.

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