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Group Research + Project

Human Computer Interaction CSCI 4800

Groupmates: Jacques Lee, Hailey Robinson, Helium Yang, Zachary Young

Tools Used:

  • Zotero

  • UGA Library Database

  • Google Scholar

  • GitHub Pages

  • Figma

Screen Shot 2022-08-17 at 8.27.57 PM.png

Many communication platforms for students are
often poorly designed, bulky, and inefficient.

We were tasked with improving an educational software of our choice, so we picked one that we, as UGA students, find issue with all the time.

UGA's Brightspace D2L, known as eLC.

Overview of our project

Identifying and Refining Problems

To better understand our issue, we user-tested eLC, especially its instant messaging and emailing components.

Researching Solutions

Using research material available to us through UGA, we found peer-reviewed articles that described why some communication applications work or did not work within an educational setting.

Our citation list can be found here.

Executing Design

We finalized design choices and executed an interactive mockup of the interface on Figma.


For further detail on our project, my
groupmate Helium was appointed to record our responses on his website.


You can find that website here. 

My portion of the project.

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