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Real eyes realize real lies, as they say. Peer, my senior thesis, takes a closer look at the problem of overconsumption in the vision industry.

UX/UI Design

Editorial Illustration

User Experience / Research

Branding & Identity

Print & Collateral

The vision industry is a weird one. Existing in an interdisciplinary area consisting of medicine, personal expression, and manufacturing makes it incredibly difficult to make it eco-friendly, especially as an industry driven by money moreso than the prioritization of health.

Peer examines the lack of resources and awareness about the vision industry's predatory practices, as well as possible solutions or alternative methods to procuring glasses that emphasizes health -- whether it's the person or the planet's.


This project spanned an entire semester. This included coordinating and conducting interviews, reading research papers, and developing products for the exhibt. Everything can be seen in this progress book!

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