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Moro Cooks Rebrand

Cute illustrations for a chick that cooks.

Creative Illustration

Branding & Identity

I was commissioned by the Filipino culinary influencer MoroCooks on TikTok to help him with some illustrations to use for his overall brand. This included a basic brand package, which included patterns, icons, and a wordmark he could officially use for his website.

Matthew's content focused on wholesome vibes with a sprinkling of sarcasm. He wanted something that toed the line of cute, but reminded the viewer that he's still got a bit of edge.

Go check his content out!

In developing the chicks, it was important that I stay close to what Matthew had originally used for years. We discussed multiple ways of reimagining the chick meme that he used, and settled on something that felt like a good middle point between my personal style and the image he previously used.

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