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Making the magic happen... efficiently.

UX/UI Design

Print & Collateral

Branding & Identity

For my 2021 Digital Platforms class, we experimented with Figma to solve an issue. At this point in time, I was playing D&D often with my friends in college, realizing I was taking up my friends' precious time, sifting through the winding amounts of magic spells in the fantastical universe of D&D. This assignment allowed me to figure out a visually-intriguing application that not only helped organize spells for a spellcaster, but basically act as a portable character sheet. This prevented users from painstakingly cross-referencing multiple source materials... Totally inspired from personal experience (unfortunately!).

Spelling it out

There's nothing more magical than creating a project for something you really loved doing. Here is a progress book that I created.

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