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Eat & Drink R&B

The Eat & Drink Recipe Book was specially developed for the unique culinary scene in Athens, GA.

Creative Illustration

Branding & Identity

Print & Collateral

Editorial Illustration

The Red & Black is a student-led, nonprofit newspaper organization that focuses on bringing news to students, locals, and visitors alike. One of the biggest initiatives was promoting Eat & Drink to not only visitors, but locals who lived in Athens. The recipe book was a way to place a spotlight on 40 eateries, all small businesses.

To further promote the idea of shopping local, I proposed the idea of a tote bag that could be used not only as a fashion item, but as a farmer's market bag. While the two make for a great gift, they are also a way for locals to proudly rep their culture.

Based on a true story

Each illustration was based on real ingredients you could purchase at the Athens Farmer's Market. This book led the rebrand of the entire Eat & Drink branch of The Red & Black, focusing on using handmade illustrated elements over sterile typography.

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