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Carpet is Cool

A celebration of carpet, the cool way.

User Experience / Research

Editorial Illustration

Animation / Motion Design

Branding & Identity

Print & Collateral

One of my major projects as a Graphic Design Intern at Shaw Industries was developing an identity with Michelle Nelson, my Art Director and Designer, that could celebrate carpet. Because carpet was something that was previously perceived as "out-of-style", we took the concept "old school cool" to reenergize the hype for carpet and its progress in innovations.

Over the course of 3-4 months, the identity was used to create a two versions of a trade show booth that was built at 5 Shaw markets, as well as additional material for parties, events, and merchandise promotions in-store. By early 2024, the Carpet is Cool campaign became an evergreen, long-lasting addition to Shaw Industries' ever-evolving collection of assets.

What's Old is New Again

Michelle and I came up with this identity borrowing from 70's imagery. I am incredibly grateful that Shaw took the risk of allowing me to use illustration to add character to this concept. From then on, Michelle and I went crazy with the applications. Cut-out carpet people, a handmade Lite Brite, tennis shoes, skateboards -- anything cool is now associated with carpet!

For this project I was privileged enough to see these in-person and build it from scratch. I was flown out to California to see how people would interact with this design.

CIC was also used in multiple advertising campaigns besides the main market trade shows.

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